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Buddy's Measurement Challenge

Hello Buddy's buddies! 

Today, I heard that Belinda the nurse was in school, doing the weight and height checks for Year 6, so I thought I'd get in on the act!


Belinda took my measurements and I'm going to set you some problems based on my weight (14.15kg) and height (60.5cm) Choose a problem that will provide a good level of challenge for you and share your answer with your teacher. Tell him or her that Buddy has said there are 2 Buddy Dojos on offer for everyone who has a go! 


1) If I grow another 10cm, how tall will I be?

2) My favourite toy is 20cm high. How much taller am I?

3) Round my height to the nearest whole cm.

4) Every day I need to eat 1g of dry dog food for every 700g of my weight. How many grams of food should I eat each day?

5) I was 4kg when I first came to school in April. What has been my average monthly weight gain?


And here's a bonus Ernie question....


Mrs Seker says if you halved my weight it would be 7.7.5kg. Is she right? Explain why/why not.



Believe, achieve and shine brighter together.