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Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Don't be a bully, be a buddy!


Who are we?


We are the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors! We are around the school to help anyone with any friendship problems, if children want help or advice, if they feel like they are being bullied or if they think they have seen bullying in school. We also run a friendship group on a Wednesday lunchtime where children can come and play group games and hopefully make some new friends.



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Our Aims


Our aim is to stop bullying in our school and make it a kind, safe place where everyone likes to be.


Together we are an Oldswinford family.


Join us in using our super powers for good!

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The plan of action


Autumn term -

  • create and display anti-bullying posters around school 
  • create an anti-bullying display board
  • write an anti-bullying prayer for the whole school
  • set up a lunchtime friendship club
  • raise awareness of bullying and how to prevent it (whole day event)


Spring term -

  • send out a questionnaire for the children to see how effective our event was and plan accordingly to the responses
  • talk to Year's 4 and 5 to see who may be interested in being an ABA. Children who are interested then explain why they would be a good ABA and the children in the class can vote
  • train the new ABA's
  • write a child friendly Anti-bullying policy
  • meet with other school to show what we do as a school to help prevent bullying
  • Anti-bullying accreditation


Summer term -

  • new ABA's to shadow the current ABA's duties
  • discuss a new plan of action ready for next year and any new ideas to help prevent bullying within our school




The results from our Anti-bullying event questionnaire...

This questionnaire was sent out to every class to complete and we were very pleased with the feedback that we received! It is apparent that the event was a huge success and we aim to carry out a big event each year to help raise awareness of bullying and prevent it within our school.


The results from each class show:

  • it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
  • it had an impact within the school.
  • the children are confident and know who to go to if they see bullying or feel they are being bullied.
  • the anti-bullying ambassadors are being used effectively by the children for any issues.
  • the Wednesday lunchtime club that is run by the ABA's is very popular.


Based on the results the ABA's are going to:

  • provide lesson ideas associated with anti-bullying (to be put on the t:drive) so that members of staff can access these as they wish, especially if it is more of an issue within their class.
  • train more ABA's so that there are more available for lunchtime activities and any problems within school.
  • when planning Anti-bullying events next year, ensure all members of staff carry out all of the activities to ensure it is as effective as it can be.


We cannot wait for our next event!

Our anti-bullying display in school







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Our anti-bullying event


16th November 2018


On this day the children took part in lots of fun activities to help raise awareness of bullying and how to prevent it within school.

Here are some of the things that we did as a school:

* had an anti bullying assembly to raise awareness

* superhero themed fancy dress

* cake and wristband sale to raise money for The Diana Award

* watched a video about bullying and had class discussions

* designed an anti bullying emblem for the school (competition)

* circle time about who their hero is

* parachute games to celebrate people’s differences

* hurdle games to overcome negative comments

* javelin games to get the positive comments

* looked at how to be a good friend (what makes a good/bad friend)


We managed to raise £321.99 by selling cake donations and selling anti-bullying wristbands!!! This money has been donated to, ‘The Diana Award’.

This charity helps raise awareness in schools, train more anti-bullying ambassadors, all with an aim to make schools bully-free zones.

We know that this money will go a long way in helping to combat bullying in schools. Thank you so much for your support for this worthy cause! 

Embracing the fullness of life, embedded in a Christian ethos of caring and sharing.