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What (and How) Are Our Children Learning?


KS1 - KS2 Curriculum Map 2018-2019










Myself and Other Animals

~Let’s get scientific and find out how humans and other animals use their senses.

Around the world

~Take a trip on an aeroplane and discover the similarities and differences between Uganda and Oldswinford.

All Aboard

~Over and under the sea, finding out about the Titanic and our local history links.

Design, make and evaluate a boat.

One small step.......

Moon Landings & Space Travel

~The space race from Neil Armstrong to Tim Peake.

Once Upon A Time

~Follow the Jolly postman as he delivers our letters to fairy tale characters.

A walk in the park!

~Find out about Mary and Ernest Steven and meet our own Percy the park keeper.


A Twist in The Tale

~ Let’s take a traditional tale and mix it up using our imagination and role play.

Fire Fire!

- We'll learn all about one of England's worst disasters: The Great Fire of London.

Antarctic Explorers

~ Find out about one of the coldest places on the planet and some of the amazing creatures who live there!


Famous People

~ A who's who of people who have left their mark in histoy and played an important part in shaping our present and future.


~ Designing and making a variety of puppets using different mechanisms, materials and components.

Our Wonderful World

~ Let’s explore minibeasts and plants as we discover the awe and wonder of our world!


Royal Rascals

~ A detailed look at Tudor Monarchs from Henry VII to Elizabeth I, including music, art and dance from the era.

Bright, Bright Light

~ An exploration of light sources and shadows, with reflection on multicultural light festivals.

Building Bridges

~ Stiffening, strengthening and reinforcing structures. Whose bridge can withstand the weight?

Lights, Camera, Action

~ Amateur dramatics, here we come! Year 3 take to the stage.

‘Up the cut’

~ The industrial revolution and its impact on Black Country industries and transport.

Rock On!

~ A journey to the centre of the Earth, conducting experiments on rocks along the way.


Food, Glorious Food

~ A tasteful yet healthy journey of our food on its pathway from farm to fork.

Use The Force

~ A Science based adventure to a galaxy far, far away which allows us to explore the power of forces.

From Caves to Columns

~ A journey through time exploring how lives changed with the arrival of the Romans.

Read All About It~ The latest news stories, hot off the press straight to your device.

From The Flames

~ A study of the local glass industry including a fiery dose of dragonology.

Into The Forest

~ Exploring the differences and similarities of forest around the world and listening to the tales of the trees along the way.


Space- The Final Frontier

~An exploration of our solar system from the Sun to its outer reaches.

Pyramid Power

~ Discovering and understanding the legacy left by the Ancient Egyptians.

The Forgotten Temple

~ Cutting through the rainforests in search of lost Mayan artefacts and temples. How did the Mayans discover chocolate?

Let's Go to China

~ A geographical journey across China looking at physical and human geographical features.


Cracking Contraptions

~ Fantastical machines that travel through time and make housework less of a chore.


We’ll Meet Again

~ An investigation of the life of children who were evacuated from the cities during WWII.


What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?

~ ​A look at myths, ideas and relics of the past left to us by the Ancient Greeks.



~ Exploring the novel by Katherine Rundell which takes us to the heart of Paris.​


Buried Treasure

~ The Saxon Hoard, and what it tells us about Anglo-Saxon life

Invading and Building

~ A technology project of building a Viking settlement.

Growing and Changing

~ Human Lifecycles, reproduction, inheritance and genetics.

The Big Bang and other Explosions

~ How the Earth was made and is still changing: volcanoes and earthquakes.




At Oldswinford, we have adopted Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk for Writing’ as a model to improve achievement in writing. ‘Talk for Writing’ advocates that children imitate the key language needed for a particular genre orally, before reading and analysing it. Through fun activities they rehearse retelling the text, then through shared and guided writing they are shown how to craft their writing in the same style. The approach includes imitation, innovation and independent application (invention).





At Oldswinford, in line with the National Curriculum, teachers base their lessons around the objectives for their Year Group, adding in suitable lessons to aid progression and re-cap any particular areas of need using the Dudley Progression document.


As of September 2018, we are moving towards following the White Rose scheme of work to ensure effective coverage of each area of Maths for each year group. After extensive research, we feel as a school that the White Rose scheme will work effectively for our children across the school by allowing them to develop a concrete, pictorial and abstract understanding of different mathematical concepts


Our "Oldswinford" Curriculum


The implementation of the new curriculum in September 2014 gave schools the freedom to personalise part of their curriculum. As such, with only part of the what we teach being dictated by the government, we have included some unique elements which we believe meet the particlular needs of our children. We call this the 'Oldswinford Curriculum' the main features of which are:


*Global Citizenship developing our pupils' responsibilities as global citizens, including our work with Fair Trade and our school in Tanzania;
* Values Education​ maximising the impact of our values work in assembly across every area of our learning and our lives;

* Local Heritage where we study, celebrate and appreciate​ the richness of the history and culture in and around Stourbridge;

* Christian Community encouraging our pupils to take our ‘caring and sharing’ ethos out into the community by raising money for charity, donating their time and sharing their talents.​

For the past few years, we have been developing and enriching our curriculum, striving towards a more meaningful, cohesive model as we believe children learn better when they are able to make connections between and across different subjects. It has allowed us to design a much more imaginative learning environment whereby rainforest lumberjacks ‘skype’ us from the Amazon to give us viewpoints for our discursive writing; when classes write and send invitations on helium balloons to aliens who leave their alien babies behind for the children to nurture; and children go back in time as WW2 evacuees, travelling in full costume, along with gas masks, on a steam train to create a living history. The richness and variety of the children’s experiences have resulted in high levels of engagement and a much greater impact on learning.



"Here we do music and art and lots of activities that help us to be more confident.

We learn skills that will help us later in life." LC, age 11.​


Embracing the fullness of life, embedded in a Christian ethos of caring and sharing.