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Curriculum and Assessment

OCEPS Curriculum Intent and Implementation

Our curriculum is designed to bring our Christian vision to life by providing an engaging, inspiring and purposeful platform to enable everyone at OCEPS to ‘Believe, achieve and shine brighter together’ Our vision drives our curriculum and the decisions we make but we do have 3 golden threads running throughout: reading, diversity and well-being.

  • We strive to promote positive mental health as a priority.
  • As adults, we can all appreciate the wonderful new worlds a book can introduce to us. A love of reading will be fostered at OCESP by sharing carefully chosen texts linked to our topics and learning to celebrate the joy of reading.
  • Diversity runs throughout our curriculum to help our children to appreciate and be thankful for the varied and wonderful world in which we live.

Believe                       ‘Everything is possible for one who believes’      Mark 9:23

As a Church of England school we offer all children an invitation into the Christian faith, a chance for them to develop spiritually as well as intellectually, socially and morally. We want children to believe in their own abilities, to persevere when things are tough and we encourage them to aim high and follow their dreams. We want them to have the confidence to stand up to injustices and to make wise choices.

At OCEPS we do this in our curriculum through:

  • Creative hooks into learning so children are curious to learn more.
  • Encouraging a growth mindset and having prompts up in each classroom.
  • Rewarding children when they try new things and are confident to share their opinions (stickers, class rewards, HT rewards, dojos, certificates, medals, postcards)
  • Encouraging an ‘I can’ attitude.
  • Giving children the chance to talk and share their feelings and opinions in a safe and loving environment.
  • Offering a relationship with the Christian faith
  • Developing curiosity, confidence, self-belief and resilience

Achieve                     ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart’            Colossians 3:23

We have high aspirations for all our learners and believe that every child should have the chance to reach their potential. We recognise that achievements come in many guises and we look to celebrate each child’s individual talents. We want to ensure our children are prepared for the next steps in their learning journey and they have all the skills they need to flourish and be happy.

At OCEPS we do this in our curriculum through:

  • Carefully sequenced units of work which build on prior learning, with a specific focus on oracy, independence, creativity and practical experiences.
  • A broad and balanced curriculum which is underpinned by key knowledge and skills and meets national curriculum expectations.
  • Key learning objectives and questions for each unit of work
  • Mini quizzes/assessment questions within each unit.
  • Linking subjects to ensure learning is connected.
  • Encouraging positive learning behaviours
  • Ensuring children get the opportunity to share their talents

Shine brighter together                ‘Let your light shine for others, so they may see your good works’     Matthew 5:16

We believe that we all belong to one big family and each of us has a special part to play. We understand the need for our children to be responsible citizens especially when caring about our world and the people around us. As individuals we are unique and special but together, with God, we can be exceptional.

At OCEPS we do this in our curriculum through:

  • Our school values: love, trust, generosity, respect, forgiveness, courage and joy.
  • By raising money for charity and/or donating their time and sharing their talents.
  • Through our daily act of worship
  • Through collaborative projects
  • By studying the richness of the history and culture in and around Stourbridge
  • Developing our pupil’s responsibilities as global citizens including links to our work about Fairtrade,
  • Appreciating the little things in life and celebrating the wonders of the world.
  • Ensuring parents feel part of the OCEPS family
  • Enjoying shared experiences and creating shared memories
  • Making sure everyone is included and feels valued.


What (and How) Are Our Children Learning?



KS1 - KS2 Curriculum Map

Each class has a topic for the half term which links to their English and non-core subjects.










Myself and Other Animals

~Let’s get scientific and find out how humans and other animals use their senses.

Around the world

~Take a trip on an aeroplane and discover the similarities and differences between Uganda and Oldswinford.

All Aboard

~Over and under the sea, finding out about the Titanic and our local history links.

Design, make and evaluate a boat.

One small step.......

Moon Landings & Space Travel

~The space race from Neil Armstrong to Tim Peake.

Once Upon A Time

~Follow the Jolly postman as he delivers our letters to fairy tale characters.

A walk in the park!

~Find out about Mary and Ernest Steven and meet our own Percy the park keeper.


A Splash of Art

~ Pick up a paintbrush and join us on an adventure as we step through the frames of famous paintings and delve into a world of colour!


Ice, ice baby

~ Find out about the coldest places on the planet and some of the amazing creatures who live there! A great build up to Christmas! 


~Looking, learning and experiencing other cultures through traditions, music and food - this topic is sure to be a keen favourite!


~ Superheroes come in all shapes and all sizes and are around us each and every day. What will you choose to use as your super power?


The Great Fire of London 

~ Lets step back in history and look at what happened in London in 1666 and changed the city forever.



~ Come with us as we time travel to the Victorian era and see and experience what life was like. 


Bright, Bright Light

~ An exploration of light sources, shadows and reflection.


Lights, Camera, Action

~ Amateur dramatics, here we come! Year 3 take to the stage.

Building Bridges

~ Stiffening, strengthening and reinforcing structures. Whose bridge can withstand the weight?

Rock On!

~ A journey to the centre of the Earth, conducting experiments on rocks along the way.



Royal Rascals

~ A detailed look at Tudor Monarchs from Henry VII to Elizabeth I, including music, art and dance from the era.


‘Up the cut’

~ How the industrial revolution impacted the Black Country -  industries, transport and canals.



Food, Glorious Food

~ A tasteful yet healthy journey of our food on its pathway from farm to fork.

Use The Force

~ A Science based adventure to a galaxy far, far away which allows us to explore the power of forces.

From Caves to Columns

~ A journey through time exploring how lives changed with the arrival of the Romans.

Read All About It~ The latest news stories, hot off the press straight to your device.

From The Flames

~ A study of the local glass industry including a fiery dose of dragonology.

Into The Forest

~ Exploring the differences and similarities of forest around the world and listening to the tales of the trees along the way.


Space- The Final Frontier

~An exploration of our solar system from the Sun to its outer reaches.

~Reading the book Cosmic

Egypt - The Gift of The Nile

~ Discovering and understanding the legacy left by the Ancient Egyptians.

~ The importance of the River Nile throughout its history.

Magnificent Maya

~ Exploring the Maya civilization, we cut through the rainforests in search of lost temples, tasting chilli chocolate and playing Pok-a-tok


Cracking Contraptions

~ Inspired by Wallace and Grommit, we explore everyday gadgets and inventions, using our findings to design and create our own powered vehicles.

Healthy Planet

~ Reduce, reuse, recycle... ? Why? To enable us sustain and manage our natural resources in order to protect our precious planet.


Keep The Home Fires Burning

~ Studying the impact of WWII on the lives of ordinary men, women and children.


What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?

~ ​A look at myths, ideas and relics of the past left to us by the Ancient Greeks.



~ Exploring the novel by Katherine Rundell which takes us to the heart of Paris.​


Buried Treasure

~ The Saxon Hoard, and what it tells us about Anglo-Saxon life

Invading and Building

~ A technology project of building a Viking settlement.

Growing and Changing

~ Human Lifecycles, reproduction, inheritance and genetics.

The Big Bang and other Explosions

~ How the Earth was made and is still changing: volcanoes and earthquakes.


For further information, please see the year group links at the bottom of this page.




Believe, achieve and shine brighter together.