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Worship Group

Worship Group


Worship group meet to expand their faith in God and to share their ideas with others, contributing to Collective worship in school and using their ideas in the classrooms and around school. They have contributed to choosing the new values for each term and have decided how the whole school worship should open and close. They have asked to look after the reflective area and helped to set up a cosy corner for children who need some adult one to one time.

The worship group monitor how the reflective areas in the classrooms are used, and from time to time, add a new resource like the 'trust and twist' weaving which was shared with the whole school. 



Worship Group unfortunately can not meet together as normal due to current restrictions. However, we have decided to meet in small year group bubbles and help Mrs Game with her whole school worship power points which can be shared in the classrooms with the children. 

The Year 6 worship group bubble got to work when they were asked to be part of a schools forum to make a nativity collage which is to be shown outside Waitrose in Stourbridge. We can't meet other schools but we can always work together. Our school chose an angel and had lots of fun with glitter! 


Whole school worship ( before coronavirus !)

Worship group led the whole school worship talking about Samson and Delilah. They were talking about making sure a friend is a true friend and one who will stay with you through good and bad times.

This related to our value of Trust in the Spring term. They wrote the reflection and prayers themselves. They were very enthusiastic and acted with expression- well done everyone!




We also led whole school worship about buckets...


This was based on a book called ' Have you filled a bucket today?' by Carol McCloud. 

All day long, everyone in the world walks around carrying an invisible bucket.

You can’t see it, but it is there.


The bucket is to hold your good thoughts and good feelings about yourself.

You feel happy when your bucket is full and sad and lonely when your bucket is empty.

Other people can fill your own bucket and you can fill theirs.

But, you can dip into a bucket and take out some good feelings.

You dip into a bucket when you make fun of someone, when you say or do mean things, or even when you ignore someone.

When you dip into other’s buckets, yours will never be full.

When you fill someone’s bucket, you fill your own bucket too.


 Our planet needs lots of great bucket fillers to make the world a better place.


Worship forums

We have enjoyed attending Worship Forums where we meet with other worship groups from around the area. These are photos from our visits. This theme was 'The parables of Jesus' so you can see the lost sheep craft , and literally drawing a house on the rock. The children wrote their talents on coins and put them in special bags to treasure. They were given seeds to plant and think about the Sower and the seed after drawing themselves on a leaf which was made into a 3D tree- all with straws made of reeds to protect the environment.

















Believe, achieve and shine brighter together.