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British Values




What are Fundamental British Values?


All maintained schools have a duty to actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.


Democracy ~ "I have a voice."

In Britain, adults vote to decide who makes a government. This means that the people make laws and rules. Because we have this DEMOCRACY, adults get a say and it make it fair for everyone.​


• The Rule of Law ~ "I will follow the rules."

In Great Britain we have laws which keep us safe and make things fair. The police help to uphold and stop people from breaking the law.​


• Individual Liberty~ "I have a choice."

In Britain we can have our own opinions about things and can choose how we want to live our lives. As long as we don’t break the law, we can live how we like.


• Mutual Respect & ​Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs~ "I will respect and accept others."

In Britain we should respect other people. We don’t have to agree with them, but we should respect, accept and be tolerant of their beliefs, thoughts and feelings, even they are different to our own.



How Do We Promote Fundamental British Values?


At Oldswinford, we have a re-launch and refocus on British Values every few years, in order to ensure they remain a high priority and are embedded across school life. Previously, Saltmine Theatre Company visited us to present "In Their Shoes" - an engaging performance and workshop produced with multi-faith partners, celebrating and promoting unity in diversity and unpacking the British Values. We loved the story of the Spots who hate the Stripes, and the Stripes who hate the Spots (because that's how it's always been!) As they begin to spend time in each others' shoes. however, things begin to change! 



In 2023, British Values have been a focus of our Collective Worship programme. We have studied each value in turn through music, stories, poems, videos and games, making important links with our school vision and values.


We loved Benjamin Zephania's performance poem, 'The British Poem' as it helped to bring to life and illustrate the richness of our diverse country as well as the relevance and importance of our British Values. 


The British Poem


We are now working on a collaborative art project to reflect on their relevance and importance. Watch this space to see our finished project!


Click below to read a detailed overview of how we promote fundamental British Values.

Believe, achieve and shine brighter together.