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Our Vision and Values

“Caring & Sharing”
Embracing the fullness of life, embedded in a Christian ethos of caring and sharing.
Our vision is to measure the success of an Oldswinford pupil in ways beyond the academic, developing spiritual and reflective children with skills, attitudes and attributes that will enable them to flourish and access the fullness of life; aspirational learners who pursue excellence; assured children who know how to stay safe, happy and healthy; are resilient and confident, equipped with emotional intelligence and empathy; happy children who seek, embrace and appreciate joy, playfulness and inspiration; experiencing a sense of awe and wonder, discovery and amazement in the natural world; creative children who are imaginative, innovative and curious; recognising their own and others’ heritage, beliefs and communities; compassionate children who will grow as global citizens, loving, supporting and respecting their neighbours near and far.
At Oldswinford Church of England Primary School, we aspire to:
  • Value all God’s children by providing a safe, caring and inclusive environment, prioritising our efforts to keep them safe from harm;
  • Meet the academic and spiritual needs of pupils through a rich and relevant curriculum with a bespoke focus on: the responsibilities of global citizenship; the impact of values education (including Christian & British Values;) appreciation of our local heritage; learning about and from the natural world and developing spirituality;
  • Work collaboratively, developing successful partnerships with parents/carers, the church, diocese, other schools and the local community;
  • Be proactive in our commitment to the physical and emotional well-being of children and staff;
  • Create an ethos of continual improvement through the pursuit of excellence, high standards and high expectations;
  • Build a community where all are welcomed, valued, respected and appreciated;
  • Inspire personal and spiritual growth through high quality worship and reflection;
  • Develop resilience in pupils and staff, by supporting them to take risks, learn from their mistakes and step outside of their comfort zone in order to achieve and exceed their goals;
  • Promote responsibility for our actions and behaviour choices; seeking forgiveness and understanding through social and moral development.
Our vision and aspirations for our pupils are fulfilled through a set of values, illustrated by two significant Bible stories:
Caring Values: service, stewardship, compassion, forgiveness, hope and respect (represented by the Old Testament story of The Creation;)
Sharing Values: generosity, friendship, koinonia; honesty, love and courage (represented by the New Testament miracle story of The Loaves and The Fish.)


Values Programme 2018-2019

Each half term, we will be focusing on two values: a caring value and a sharing value. These will form the focus for collective worship and values awards and will be matched to support and enrich events in the calendar such as Christmas, Easter and Christian Aid week. 


Autumn 1: Compassion & Honesty

Autumn 2: Hope and Courage

Spring 1: Love & Respect

Spring 2: Friendship & Forgiveness

Summer 1: Service & Generosity

Summer 2: Stewardship & Koinonia

Embracing the fullness of life, embedded in a Christian ethos of caring and sharing.