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Worcester Diocese

What Difference Does The Diocese Make To Oldswinford?


The Diocese of Worcester shares the vision for schools set out by the Archbishop of Canterbury, that our schools are:


"Not just about acquiring skills and good examination results. They are about forming people who have the moral strength and spiritual depth to hold course and weather ups and downs. (They are) about forming people who know that economic competition is not more important than family life and love of neighbour, and that technical innovation is not more important than reverence for the beauty of creation. It is about forming people, who however academically and technically skillful, are not reduced to inarticulate embarrassment by the great questions of life and death and the meaning of truth."


Mission Statement of the Diocesan Department for Education

Our task is:

  • *to encourage and enable;
  • *to challenge and develop;
  • *to ask the pertinent questions;
  • *to sometimes to be directive and even prophetic.


*We acknowledge that education is not solely through words nor through instruction and transmission but by serving, learning and loving together.

*We work in the company of others seeking to plan jointly from the start

*We pursue interdependence rather than independence

*We seek to be inclusive unless there is a particular reason to be selective

*We work in partnership with other organisations in the church, schools and the community unless there is good reason not to do so.

*We acknowledge the different parts of our work and service but keep an overall view of the wider developmental work of the Diocesan Department for Education.

*We recognise and affirm that children and young people have a ministry in their own right and will encourage each person to exercise their ministries.

*We will not exploit, manipulate or bully children, young people or our partners.

*We will take stock, set aims, share good practice and pass it on; look ahead and break new ground and be adventurous.


At Oldswinford, we celebrate our inclusion in the Diocese of Worcester and value the educational, spiritual and pastoral support we receive.


Along with 100 other schools in Dudley, Sandwell and Worcester, Oldswinford Church of England Primary School is located within the Diocese of Worcester which is headed by Bishops John and Graham and Archdeacons Nikki and Robert.


There are 42 Church of England dioceses covering England, the Isle of Man, The Channel Islands and a small part of Wales. The 42 dioceses are divided into two provinces: The Province of Canterbury in the south comprises 30 dioceses and the Province of York in the north comprises of 12. The Archbishop of Canterbury has pastoral oversight for the diocese in the South and the Archbishop of York for those in the north.









Embracing the fullness of life, embedded in a Christian ethos of caring and sharing.