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Mrs Roberts Phonics

Can you write some sentences with the words you make today?

The children should be writing many sentences, with spaces, a full stop and capital letter at the start. They will need help with what a capital letter looks like. There is also some reading work today.

As a challenge after the wordsearch could you help your child use these tricky words in a sentence.

A game to play today to reinforce the sounds

Can you make a sentence with each of these words too?

Can you think of your own sentence with an 'ure' word in?

Call out the sounds and see if your child can recognise them independently. Once you have done this could your child write a sentence for two of today's sounds?

How many times can you find tricky word 'you'? After you have finished can you write it in two sentences?

Can you think of words for your grown up after you have played?

Read the story and spot the 'ear' sound. After you have finished can you write down some 'ear' words?

A challenge for today, choose one of the correctly spelt words can you write it in a sentence?

Have fun dancing round the lounge playing musical phonics !

Don't forget to play the tricky word song, phase 2 and 3!

It's all about tricky words today. You can access the tricky word song on youtube as a warm up if you wish (Link is on the class page) If you would like an extra challenge after completing the task, see if your child can use one of out Tricky words in a sentence then write the sentence!

These are sounds we are working on at the minute, you may be able to think of other phrases for the children to write

Believe, achieve and shine brighter together.