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Year 6

Information about KS2 SATs

Homework this week for all groups: Sumdog competition. Any problems contact your class teacher.

November 2018               


This half-term we will be studying the book Rooftoppers and exploring the language and themes through drama and writing. As part of the book is set in Paris, we will be learning about the landmarks, geography and lifestyle in the French capital.


In Maths, we will be studying fractions: how to represent them in different ways, equivalence and calculations.

As a school, we are currently following White Rose Maths which focuses on problem solving and reasoning skills. Children have to spot patterns, find multiple solutions to problems, explain errors in calculations and develop their ability to understand a concept presented in many different visual and written ways.

Our science topic is light. We will be learning about light sources, shadows, reflection, lenses, prisms and how the eye works. 

This will link in with our art work on colour. The children have mixed primary colours of paint to make a colour wheel with secondary and tertiary colours. We will look at how the impressionists like Van Gogh used colour in their paintings.


There will be weekly homework in Maths which will be written or computer based e.g. Sumdog, It is set on a Friday to be handed in on Monday.


Spelling tests are on Friday- the children should have all the lists for this half term.

Weekly reading is set by the children in their 'book club' groups and should be completed by Friday each week.


Upcoming dates:

Thursday 22nd November (pm)- Ancient Greek talk by Colin Roberts

Tuesday 27th November- Hands-on harp workshop

Friday 7th December- Music Activity day at Redhill School.

Friday 26th October- Pioneer Centre trip deposit due in- £50. Please contact the school office if you have any problems or concerns with this.

Additional learning at home (optional)


  • Look out for photos, brochures, postcards and pictures of Paris to bring into school.
  • Talk about fractions in everyday life: slices of pizza and cake, fractions in price offers e.g. 1/2 price.
  • Look at optical illusions on You Tube.
  • Play the Countdown Numbers game.
  • Listen to an audio book, read a magazine, read to an adult or younger sibling.


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