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Year 6

Information about KS2 SATs

Facts children need to know for Maths SAT

Pioneer Timetable

Spring 2019          

We look forward to an exciting term which will end with our trip to the Pioneer Centre. There is a kit list and timetable you can access at the top of the page. 


This half-term we will be learning about Vikings and practising our wood-working skills by building a Viking longhouse.





In Maths, we have to finish the rest of the year 6 topics: converting measurement units, perimeter, area and volume, line graphs and pie charts and angles. We will also be practising a range of SATs style questions in our CGP practice books every week. After the Pioneer trip, we will have time to do more practice tests and revise previous work before SATs week.



Our science topic is Plant Lifecycles. We will be investigating germination by growing cress seeds and broad beans in different conditions and learning to identify the parts of a flower: sepals, petals, stigma, style, ovary and stamens. We will also revise functions of the root, stem, leaf and flower including photosynthesis. 



There will be weekly homework in Maths which will be written or computer based e.g. Sumdog, It is usually set on a Friday to be handed in on Monday. Written homework this term will often involve completing an exercise from a SATs revision booklet.


In order to prepare for the grammar, punctuation and spelling test in May, we have bought a subscription to We will be setting the children a ‘spag’ test to complete once a fortnight. They have all been given their usernames and passwords.


Spelling tests are on Friday- we are now setting 10 spellings per week taken from the year 5/6 spelling list.


Weekly reading is set by the children in their 'book club' groups and should be completed by Friday each week.


Upcoming dates:

Spring term: Forest Schools 6 Field every Thursday afternoon.

Summer term: Forest Schools 6 Craufurd every Thursday afternoon.

(The classes will be split in half- each group will do sessions for half a term.)

Monday 25th March (7pm)- Musical Concert at St. Mary's Church to raise money for Mrs. Clarke's memorial

May 17th Wyre Forest Trip

April 3rd- 5th Pioneer Centre Trip

Additional learning at home (optional)


  • Plant some seeds to grow fruit or vegetables.
  • Find out about the Viking gods and their link to the Marvel films. 
  • Revise the names of all 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Keep practising times tables. Rapid recall is vital for SATs.
  • Listen to audiobooks, read newspapers and magazines, read with parents and siblings, read lots and lots... Ask about any interesting words to expand your vocabulary. 
  • Take part in some physical activity: dance, football, walking, running- there is a Junior 2km Parkrun at Wollescote park every Sunday at 9am.

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