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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


5 Craufurd – Mrs Roberts

5 Field – Miss Law


Along with Mrs McVeigh


Autumn 1


Our topic this half term is: "Space"


Come with us on a magnificent journey through Space where we will be understanding the physical science behind our universe: - the movement of the Earth and other planets relative to the Sun in the Solar System, including explanations about night and day and the movement of the Moon in relation to the Earth. We will also be investigating the culture surrounding space including: - the magic of songs and music about space by Elton John, David Bowie and Gustav Holst, why the moon landing of 1969 was such an important event in human history, current research and expeditions into space and researching whether aliens really do exist....






We will be writing an adventure story based on Pie Corbett's 'Alien Landing'. We shall be using this text as our our 'Talk 4 Writing' text and this will be sent home with the children for them to learn so that they become familiar with the pattern of the story. Alongside this, we will be teaching key spelling and grammar rules and conventions central to the teaching of writing in Year 5. Children will also be given a set of spellings to learn every week and will be tested on a Friday.




This half term we will be working on division, fractions and decimal numbers as well as number calculations, problem solving and reasoning.

Children are encouraged to revise their table facts at home.


Mathletics homework will be set every Friday, related to the work we have been doing in class that week! Mathletics passwords are stuck in the children’s homework diaries. If any children are missing their details, please come and see Miss Law for a replacement password card.



Our PE days will be on a Tuesday and a Thursday and children should always have their PE kit in school on these days.




Doing a some extra work at home can really help with our work in class.

Try to read every day at home. If your child is good at reading independently, you can ask them for a summary of the plot on the days you don’t hear them read. Talk about what you have read and have a competition to guess what might happen next. It is fine to work as a team - it can be fun to read a sentence or page each if it is a challenging book that they are desperate to read.

Optional tasks:


1. Create your own space themed top trumps cards.

2. You are going on a spaceship and can only take 10 things with you. What will you take? Either write or draw them in your suitcase.

You are going to meet some aliens on another planet. What 10 things would you take as presents for them? Draw them in a gift box.

3. Make an acrostic for one of the planets






This could be a list of words beginning with each letter, a sentence for each line or even a rhyme.

4. Find out facts about the space missions –

What was the first creature sent into space?

Who was the first astronaut?

Who was the first man on the moon?

What other interesting facts can you find?

5. Bake your own space themed cookies or biscuits. They could be star, rocket or planet shaped. They could even include space rocks such as popping candy! Write the recipe in your homework jotter. Feel free to share your biscuits with your teacher!!

6. Make a 3D model rocket with a parachute to aid re-entry.

7. Keep a sky at night journal for a whole week. Write about everything you can see in the sky. You could draw a picture of the moon every night. Does it change over the course of the week?

8. Prepare a lesson to teach the class about an aspect of Space you enjoy (Be ready to teach it!)

9. Design an alien (look to the natural word for features) and create an alien mask.

10. Create a timeline to show the history of space travel.

11. Complete a character study of Neil Armstrong or any other famous astronaut/ cosmonaut.

12. Write newspaper report about the first moon landing.

13. Create a new mnemonic that will help others in the class remember the names of the planets and their order from the sun.

14. Use scrap paper, foil, sweet wrappers and other junk around the house to create your own space collage.

15. Make a space mobile that you could hang in the classroom.





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