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Year 3

We would just like to say...

Thank you to Year 3 2017 - 2018. You were fantastic! What a lot of fun and learning happened. Where did the time go? We hope you all enjoy your summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you when you return in September. With best wishes,

Mrs Smith and Mrs Wellings

A message for the Year 3 class of 2018-2019...

We would like to welcome you all to the Year 3 page - it's great to see that you are already thinking about your move into Key Stage 2 in September. Please enjoy your summer holiday and come back into school refreshed and ready for learning!


It would be really useful to keep your learning topped up over the holiday. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Read!! Enjoy a book, read about the places you visit or research your favourite science or history topic.
  • Practise your times tables. In year 3, our aim is to know the following times tables forwards and backwards (eg.  2 x 3 = 6  and  3 x 2 = 6  so  6 ÷ 2 = 3  and  6 ÷ 3 = 2): 2 x table, 10 x table, 5 x table then 3 x table, 4 x table and 8 x table.
  • Maths: Keep working on telling the time, using money when you go to the shops, measuring in the kitchen and playing games involving dice and counting.
  • Writing: You might like to write a holiday diary, send a postcard, make up a quiz to test your family or friends, write a story or copy from a book to work on your handwriting.


Whatever you do this holiday - have fun!!

See you in September everyone,


With best wishes from

Mrs Smith, Mrs Davis, Mrs Downing and Miss Whiston

The Year 3 Team

Embracing the fullness of life, embedded in a Christian ethos of caring and sharing.