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Year 2

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Mrs Loynds, Miss Russon and Miss Tait.


Important Dates


2 Lion Class Assembly - Thursday 15th November - 9am

2 Crystal Class Assembly - Friday 16th November - 9am

Merry Hill Odeon Cinema trip to see The Nutcracker - 11th December - 9.15am - 12.30pm

Puppet workshop - 14th December - 9am - 10.30am


This half-term, our topic will be:




We will be looking at different types of puppets as well as making our own in class and at our parent pop in too. As we will be looking at The Nutcracker in greater depth, we shall also be attending a trip to the cinema to see The Nutcracker to really bring our puppet topic to life! What fabulous finishes we have to our topic!  


As part of our Writing work, we will be learning how to form our sentences correctly with the correct punctuation, using adjectives, verbs and nouns. We will also be having a go at writing our own puppet story too. In writing lessons we will be focusing on, The Nutcracker story. We will be breaking it down into sections so that we can look at it in great detail and then we will use the theme of toys coming to life to write our own magical story!


As part of our Maths work, we shall be looking at money. We have looked at many different ways of adding and subtracting and we will now be looking to add two amounts together, understanding how to write this when it goes over 100 using £’s and pence. This will help to develop understanding of money, how to use it, as well as it’s value.



Picture 1
Picture 1


A few reminders and things you may need to know:


  • Please bring a water bottle into school every day – make sure these are kept upright with the lids on tight when you bring them into school as we tend to have a lot of leaks if not! Please don’t put them into your red reading bags!


  • Reading books and reading records should be brought into school every day too. In Year 2, it is the children’s’ responsibility to change their own reading book when needed. Class teachers will hear the children read on a weekly basis as part of group guided reading session and will change book levels when appropriate. Please can we ask that children read with an adult at home every day and engage in lots of discussion about whatever book they are reading. This is really important to help children further improve their comprehension skills.


  • PE Days are a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please ensure that children have their full PE Kit in school on these days. Children who have their ears pierced need to have earrings removed on these days.


  • Spellings will be tested weekly. The children will bring home a list of spellings for the half-term during the first two weeks. Please help children to learn their spellings whenever possible.


  • Mathletics – The children will all be given a log on to use Mathletics whenever they like at home. Class teachers will ensure that appropriate work is available on Mathletics in order to consolidate the learning we have been doing at school.


  • Other than regular reading, spelling and Mathletics – no other formal homework tasks will be set. If children would like to explore our topic in more detail, then we have suggested some different learning opportunities below. Please feel free to bring any completed tasks into school so we can share and celebrate them.



Homework ideas


* Ask any elderly members of your family if they have any old puppets. If they are willing, bring them into school for us to look at. Compare these to modern-day puppets, look on the internet to see how they are different. 

* Research different kinds of puppets and how they are made, then design a puppet of your own and make it out of junk or any old materials you have at home.

* Make a puppet e.g. sock puppet, wooden spoon puppets etc.

* Could you make an old-fashioned string puppet.

* Create your own puppet theatre using a shoe box.

* Read Pinocchio or any other books about a toy that comes to life. You could bring them in for the teacher to read at the end of the day.

* Write your own story about a puppet who came to life.

* Write a poem about a toy that came to life, a winter wonderland or a magical land.

* Draw a picture of the sugar plum fairy’s castle or the land of sweets - what would your land look like if you lived there? What would be in it? Label - Great opportunity for some amazing adjectives!

* Make your own small world of the land of sweets or a winter wonderland in a shoe box.

* You could follow a recipe for something you would like in your land of sweets or create your own! Recipe writing or instruction writing opportunities.

* Role play shops at home using money to buy items.

* Take a trip to the shops and buy something. Can you find the right amount of money to give the shopkeeper? Or did the shopkeeper give you the correct amount of change?




Embracing the fullness of life, embedded in a Christian ethos of caring and sharing.