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Year 1

Hello and welcome to Year 1!

1 Lion: Mrs Preece

1 Crystal: Mrs Hicklin & Mrs Brown (Wed, Thurs & Fri afternoons)

Support staff: Mrs Brown, Miss Dupree, Mrs Wells, Mrs Hicks, Mrs Cruchley



Important Dates:


Friday 15th March - St Patrick celebration day and lunch.

Come to school wearing green if you are in St Patrick's House!


Monday 25th March 2pm - 3pm - Music concert at St Mary's Church in memory of Mrs Clarke.


Tuesday 9th April - Trip to Think Tank!


Friday 12th April - St George's Day celebration and lunch.

Come to school wearing red if you are in St George's House!

Break up for the Easter Hols too!




Tuesday 12th March 4pm-7pm

Thursday 14th March 4pm-7pm


Class Assemblies:
1 Lion - Thursday 23rd May

1 Crystal - Friday 24th May



Welcome back! 


We hope you have had a fantastic break! 


Our new topic this half term is

'One Small Step...'


We will be looking at all things 'Space', including the Moon Landings and the life of Neil Armstrong.  The children will ask and answer questions about the life of this significant individual. They will read and write poems, using adjectives to describe the moon.  We will visit the THINK TANK in April and will explore the other planets in our Solar System and beyond!

Our Talk 4 Writing text this half term will be BEEGU by Alexis Deacon.

As always, we will be writing sentences using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

We will also concentrate on reading and spelling words with the suffixes; -s, -es, -ed, -ing, -er, -est and the prefix -un




To support your child with this at home you could:

Visit the local library to read about the things we will cover. Choose both fiction and non-fiction books.

Help them to do some research of their own, using the questions they generate about Space.





In Maths this half term we will continue to focus on addition, subtraction and Place value to 50. We will look at small steps of addition and subtraction including:-

  • Subtraction- finding the difference
  • Add by counting on
  • Find and make number bonds,
  • Add by making 10 
  • Subtraction- not crossing 10,
  • Subtraction- crossing 10,
  • Related facts, 
  • Comparing number statements.

2D and 3D shapes- Patterns with 3D and 2D shapes.

Number and place value to 50:-

  • numbers to 50
  • tens and ones
  • represent numbers to 50
  • one more and one less
  • compare objects within 50
  • compare numbers within 50
  • order numbers within 50
  • count in 2's
  • count in 5's


To support your child with this at home you could:

Practise counting forwards and backwards

Practise reading and writing numbers up to 100

Ask questions eg  What two numbers can be added to make 10 ? What is the total?

How many different ways can you make 8?

Can you give me 1 more fork? How many have I got now?

If I had 23 sweets and I ate one, how many left?

Practise number bonds to 10 -'8 and what makes 10?'


Look at house numbers, look at how they sometimes count in 2's

Practise counting in 5's


In RE this half term we will be considering the creation story and will ultimately be creating something ourselves!






Other Useful Information


PE days are Monday and Friday for 1 Crystal and Monday and Thursday for 1 Lion. Please ensure long hair is tied back and any earrings are removed on these days.


Children may change their Home Reading books as often as they like, although we do recommend reading a book at least twice before moving on to a new one. Children simply need to pop their reading book and Reading Record in the box in the classroom and it will be changed during the day. Although we are not able to hear Home Readers in school as regularly as Reception, please be assured that your child does lots of reading, in different formats during the school day.


Children will also have the opportunity to borrow a library book when we visit the library each week, this will be on Wednesdays.


Children still need to have a water bottle in school each day. These bottles will be sent home each night to be washed and refilled. Please label all clothes and shoes with your child's name.


If your child requires a 'Grab Bag' for lunch, please fill in the slip at home if possible. Blank slips can be downloaded from the link at the top of this page or obtained from any member of staff. If your child has a favourite Grab Bag selection we would encourage them to put their slip back in their bag after lunch to be re-used the following day.


As in Reception we base our work in school on topics. We start a new topic each half term.

Embracing the fullness of life, embedded in a Christian ethos of caring and sharing.